Places to visit in Chelmsford

As we are based in Great Baddow, close to the heart of the city of Chelmsford in Essex, there are a range of places to visit and things to do in the city as well as in between where we’re from.

You’ll find just outside of our business a plaza called the Vineyards in Great Baddow. It’s a place to shop for the locals of this area for general merchandise and quick eats like your usual Fish and chip shop, Greggs, Co-op, Flowers, hair salon/barber shop, and the NatWest bank.

But this wouldn’t really be the best depot for a plumber to get their items. You’ll want to visit the Chelmsford Business Park just a quick drive away from here.

And that there isn’t a place that you couldn’t reach for around Chelmsford. A 10-minute drive towards the city centre you will find the High Chelmer shopping centre. Where you could find popular High street shops. This is considered to be the ‘High Street’ of Chelmsford. Even if this ‘high street’ is called Moulsham street, you wouldn’t count this out from being a busy and popular street of the city!

It’s not just a place to shop in High Chelmer shopping centre, but there are also great bars for drinks and clubbing for the youth who reside and study just near the Train and Bus station. The Anglia Ruskin University in Chelmsford is a prestigious university founded at the very centre of Chelmsford. Many local pubs can be found in the city centre here.

If you continue forward out of the city centre, you will notice that you lead yourself to the Business Park, just right after the car shops and auto dealers like Mini, BMW, among others.

The Business Park is home to industrial supplies where a plumber would find their best bet in pipes and fittings should they need more mastic!

In this Chelmsford Business Park you’ll also find large superstores like Tesco’s, among the most popular of supermarket stores.

But it’s when you visit the Business Park that you see the emerging workforce that there is in Chelmsford. It’s not just home to these industrial stores but also white-collar office works and internet businesses.

We are now living in the age of information technology and that it’s only when we realise this that we are truly living in the future.

There might not be hoverboards yet but you can rest assured that there’s always a plumber near you. These tradesmen still work through manual labour, but it’s something that can not be automated in the industry.

The skill required to be a plumber is a job that deals with water pressure, and many pipes which may work through heating as well (and even requires electrical wiring!). So you can realise now that this is a multi-skill job and a very rewarding job to have completed a task with the skill required to be a plumber.

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