Keep your heating bills low this winter

Keep your heating bills low this winter

With the winter months come the cold weather and the need to keep the house warm. Around 50% of the energy used in homes is on heating so it’s well worth following some of our top tips for reducing your heating bills this coming winter.

Draft Excluders

Unless you have brand new doors and windows then this could be well worth looking into. For just a small cost, draft excluders work to block the cold outside air from passing through gaps in your windows and underneath doors and from letting the inside heat escape.

Draft proofing covers everything from doors, windows and skirting to chimneys and can save around £30 a year on your heating bill.

Chimneys and vents

Don’t forget to seal the flute of your chimney when it’s not in use. An open chimney can let in a lot of cold air and let the warm air from your heated house escape – costing a lot of money.

By ensuring your chimney flute and other similar openings such as tumble dryer vents are closed then you cut down on wasted heat and keep your home cosy and warm.


A significant amount of the heat lost on a property is through the walls and roof. A well-insulated home is a wise investment with most savings recouping back the cost of installation after just a few years.

You might even be eligible for a grant through the ECO government insulation scheme – which could provide funding towards the costs of insulation.

Rearrange your furniture

Some room layouts might be particular tricky which can result in furniture being placed in front of radiators.

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Yes this is less than ideal but even if just for the colder months it’s well worth having a move around and trying to configure the room so that sofas and large pieces of furniture are not blocking and absorbing precious heat from your radiators.


With around 10-25% of your homes heat loss coming from the windows alone it is well worth keeping on top of what curtains and blinds are open or shut.

Opening your curtains during daylight hours to allow the sun’s warmth to heat the property and closing them as soon as the sun goes down will help keep the heat in.

Turn down your thermostat

An obvious suggestion maybe but one that people don’t often follow – especially when a lot of homeowners tend to have a certain ‘number’ of degrees stuck in their heads which they feel content with their heating being at.

By lowering the thermostat by even just 1°C year round can reduce your bills on average by around £75 a year for central heating south London.

Set your heating times

Most thermostat systems, smart thermostats and apps allow for timers to be set based on your heating preferences. Using these allow you to control when your heating will come on even if you’re not at home.

For example you can set your heating to come on before you wake in the morning and off before you go to bed in the evening. Configuring these around your daily routine is not only cost effective but helps keep you and your family warm.

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So if you want to save some money on those costly heating bills this winter be sure to follow our tips to keep your home snuggly and warm!

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