Five Unexpected Uses of a London Handyman

Five Unexpected Uses of a London Handyman

Got a job that you really can’t face doing? The obvious solution is paying someone else to do it for you. However, what often stops people going down this route is not knowing where to look to find the right person.

That’s where a handyman comes in. We tend to think of trades people as carrying out specific skilled jobs, such as plumbing, carpentry/joinery, bricklaying or electrical work. But anyone who advertises themselves as a handyman will usually be prepared to take on most jobs.

So the next time you have a task that you would prefer to get someone else in to do instead, don’t hesitate – look up a handyman in London and see what they say. Here are five things a handyman will probably be more than happy to help you with that might surprise you.

Clearing out a loft or garage

We tend to think of a handyman as a jack-of-all-trades maintenance and repair professional. But if you have an attic or a garage full of old junk that you just cannot find the time to take to the tip, give a local handyman a call and ask what they’d charge for the work. Particularly if they have their own van, it’s a straightforward job for them.

Putting together flat-pack furniture

You might think about paying a handyman to put up new shelving for you, but isn’t flat-pack furniture one of those things you’re meant to do yourselves? Well, just as there’s often no instructions with your self-assemble furniture (or not ones anyone can make sense of at least), there are also no rules to say you can’t pay someone to put your new Ikea purchases together for you.

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Cleaning your oven

There are various deep cleaning jobs that most of us dread doing, even if it is a once-a-year affair. The problem is, if we skip that once-a-year appointment – and then another, and then another – an unwelcome task quickly builds up into something very grim. Cleaning an oven is one, washing the insides of windows another. There are specialists who offer these kinds of services, but it might be easier and quicker just to ask a local handyman if they would mind helping out.

Tidy up your garden

You don’t necessarily need a professional landscape gardener to help you with the upkeep of your garden. A handyman might not be the person to turn to if you want help with a bulb planting schedule or your fruit trees coppicing, but they will be able to mow the lawn, weed, tidy up autumn leaves, replace broken patio flagstones and fix fences etc.

Pet care

Finally, here’s one for really thinking outside the box. If you have someone coming in while you’re at work to do some odd jobs around the place and you happen to have a pet, why not kill two birds with one stone? The obvious one is walking the dog, which will probably come as a bit of light relief for most handymen.

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